Our Dinner Menu

Traditional Carvalho’s Family Recipes



  • Mandioca Frita
    Fried Cassava with Parmesan – served with Rosé dipping sauce.
  • Pastéis
    Fried Turnovers – stuffed with seasoned beef or cheese.
  • Pão de Queijo
    Brazilian Cheese Bread.
  • Churrasquinho De Gato
    Marinated Picanha (beef coulotte) on skewers.
  • Picana Na Brasa
    Grilled Picanhaseasoned with course Brazilian sea salt and served sliced.
  • Coxinha De Frango
    Fritters of Chicken – with cheese, bell peppers and onions.
  • Bolinho de Bacalhau
    Salted cod and Potato Croquettes – served with lime wedges and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Espetinho de Camarão
    Marinated Grilled Shrimp Skewers.

Sopas, Saladas e Sanduiches

Soups, Salads & Sandwiches

  • Caldo Verde
    cup 8, bowl 10

    Collard Green Soup – potatoes, Brazilian sausage.

    (Vegetarian option available)

  • Sopa de Feijao
    cup 8, bowl 10
    Black Bean Soup – flavored with pork, smoked beef and the flavors of Brazil’s northeast.
  • Salada de Vegetais Grelhados

    Grilled Vegetable Salad – with a balsamic dijon dressing.

    Add chicken 5, grilled shrimp 8

  • Salada de Couve Crespa
    Kale Caesar Salad – spinach, arugula and kale with croutons, Caesar dressing and parmesan.

    Add grilled chicken for $6

  • Salada do Velho Juva
    Grilled Steak Salad – with mixed arugula and spinach, with feta cheese, apple slices and diced Brazil nuts.  Served with our signature honey mustard dressing.
  • Sanduiche de Frango
    Grilled Chicken Sandwich – Grilled chicken breast on a toasted baguette with lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayonnaise. Accompanied with french fries.
  • Sanduiche do Garimpeiro
    Beef Tenderloin Tip Sandwich – grilled with green & red bell peppers and onions, topped with your choice of pepper jack, swiss, or cheddar cheese and served on a french roll with fries.



  • Feijoada

    Black Bean Stew – prepared with oranges, sausage, and smoked meat.  Served with rice, sautéed collard greens, farofa, vinaigrette and orange slices.

    Feijoada for one $18, for two $26.

  • Fetuccine na Caipirinha
    Grilled Chicken Fettuccine – in a muddled lime and cachaça sauce.
  • Fettuccine na Primavera
    Garden Pasta – with sautéed asparagus, red bell peppers, red onions, mushrooms, spinach and feta cheese.  Tossed with a fresh tomato sauce with choice of grilled eggplant (v) or chicken.
  • Frango ao Molho de Acai
    Grilled Chicken Breast with Acai Berry Sauce – served with cassava puree and cherry tomato confit.
  • Salmão com Molho de Maracuja
    Grilled Salmon with Passion Fruit Sauce – served with garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables.
  • Bobo de Camarão
    Shrimp Bobo – large shrimp prepared with bell pepper, tomatoes, pureed cassava, onions, garlic, coconut milk and palm oil simmered and served with rice.
  • Camarão Na Morgana
    Baked acorn squash stuffed with shrimp in a spicy cream sauce – served with rice.
  • Moqueca de Peixe
    Seafood Stew – with shrimp, mahi-mahi, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, coconut milk and palm oil. Served with rice.
  • Moqueca de Palmito
    Heart of Palm Stew – sliced heart of palm, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, coconut milk and palm oil. Served with rice.
  • Halibut na Crosta da Castanha
    Brazil Nut Crusted Halibut – with mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, and Brazil nut pesto sauce.
  • Picana Grelhada
    Grilled Picanha (coulette steak) – served with your choice of grilled pineapple and Brazilian potato salad or with black beans and rice.
  • Bife a Parmegiana
    Breaded steak topped with ham and cheese – served with mashed potatoes and tomato based sauce.
  • Filé ao Molho Madeira
    Beef Tenderloin Medallions in a Madeira Wine Sauce – served with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables.
  • Bife a Cavalo
    Rancher’s Steak (8oz filet) – with fried egg on top, accompanied with cassava fries, and sauteed vegetables.
  • Peixe Grelhada No Molho Da Caipirinha
    Grilled Mahi-Mahi – in muddled lemon and cachaça sauce, served with sautéed asparagus and mashed potatoes.



  • Bolo Prestigio

    Chocolate Cake with Coconut Filling

    (add a scoop of French Vanilla Ice Cream 1.50)

  • Brigadeiros

    Chocolate Truffles with Sprinkles

  • Pudim de leite

    Brazilian Flan with a Caramel Sauce

  • Musse de Maracuja

    Passion Fruit Mousse

  • Musse de Cupuaçu
    Cupuaçu Fruit Mousse
  • Torta Bis
    Ice cream cake stuffed with a chocolate truffle filling.

Para Criancas

For Kids

  • Prato Feito Frango o Carne
    Choice of chicken or steak.  Served with choice of black beans and rice or fries.
  • Sanduiche de Carne

    Steak sandwich served with fries.

  • Pasteis de Pizza

    Fried turnovers stuffed with tomato, oregano, ham and cheese.

Café, Chocolate & Cha

Coffee, Chocolate & Tea

  • Coffee
  • Pourover Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Macchioto
  • Hot Tea